Buddha Bowls are an easy and delicious way to create healthy meals, Love My Salad

How to make four easy and delicious Buddha Bowls


“OK, so I need you to blanch that broccoli, just enough to bring out the vibrant green, and cut the sweet potato in one centimetre discs,” Adel says.Adel is a dear friend of mine who I’ve known for many years and whose Lebanese... Read more

Barbecued zucchini steaks with a fiery chilli and garlic marinade, Love my Salad

Here's the secret to a feel-good barbecue


Backyard barbecues are a playground for adventurous cooking. The sizzle of the grill combined with a relaxed outdoor ambience and a cold drink in hand creates the perfect opportunity to experiment with contemporary flavours and... Read more

Whole roasted cauliflower. Simple and restaurant quality food

Discover the art of cooking with Cauliflower


Learn the art of cooking with cauliflower. Read on for three cauliflower salads to shake up your weekly cooking routine.  Read more

An elegant addition to your Christmas platter: eggplant with pomegranate, mint and a creamy tahini dressing

How to create the perfect Christmas salad platter


I’ve been to a few Christmas lunches in my time and there’s a lot to get excited about. When extended family come together in shared reflection on the year that was, you can almost guarantee there... Read more

10 upcoming food trends for 2019

10 upcoming food trends for 2019


I love this time of the year. Besides the Christmas festivities, it's a great time to reflect on the year and look forward to the next. What fun plans are in the pipeline and what new food trends are we going to see? We've... Read more

Quick and easy salads kids will love - with zucchini

Quick and easy salads kids will love - with zucchini


One of the things that has helped me in my quest to incorporate more vegetables and fruit into my life is playing around with different cooking styles and presentations. I had never thought to eat zucchini raw until I saw the... Read more

Bite-sized cocktail tapas with watermelon, tomato and mint

3 salads you'll be cooking all summer long


The fresh smell of summer in the air is an enticing aroma. The beginning of the warmer months brings a feeling of promise, energy and fun. The reward of recreation and enjoyment after months of hard work.  ... Read more

A selection of vegetable toast toppers for breakfast

Veggie toast toppers to lift your breakfast game


How many times has a slice of toast saved you from hunger? There’s something about the comfort of crispy, sliced bread that satisfies you completely. And a slice of toast with a classic spread is hard to beat for a quick... Read more

Holiday inspiration for healthy and easy starters, salads and sweets

Holiday inspiration for healthy and easy starters, salads and sweets


The holiday season is a time for relaxing and recuperating, spending quality time with friends and families and lots of backyard barbecues and dinner parties. But with all that fun comes a bit of pressure trying to come up with... Read more

Pumpkin salads are easy to create and always a crowd pleaser, Love my Salad

Three easy go-to pumpkin salads


Pumpkin is an amazing base for a salad. Not only is it easy to find since it’s grown all year round in Australia, but it’s easy to cook, will fill the bellies of a hungry crowd, and is packed with vitamins and minerals while... Read more