Child in the garden gardening

Growing more than just vegetables


Since I can remember I have always been a nature lover; I grew up by the ocean and all of high school was spent on beach days and beach parties. When I moved to Australia I started off in Epping (a suburb of Sydney) surrounded... Read more

Eggplant parmiagiana

Warm up the winter months with this hearty and delicious eggplant recipe


Many of us are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of healthy and accessible vegetables. This delicious 20 minute eggplant parmigiana, created by Australian based Dr Sandro Demaio, is sure to tantalise your taste buds... Read more

Bellino® tomatoes are the perfect snack

Tomatoes are so good for you!


How much do you know about the amazing benefits of tomatoes? With people seeking more information about the nutritional, health and wellbeing effects of food consumption, this article from Australia suggests ... Read more

10 pantry must-have ingredients

10 pantry must-have ingredients


A well-stocked pantry is essential if you lead a busy life or if you just want to be more budget conscious. It means you can always prepare something (healthy) even when you have not had time to shop. It also nurtures your... Read more

Baby's first solid food? Start with vegetables

Baby's first solid food? Start with vegetables


"Sophie enjoys her fresh vegetable meal every day". We all want our children to eat enough vegetables and grow up healthy. In practice, this often turns out to be a persistent problem for parents. Vegetable consumption is well... Read more

Meal prepping. Weet jij wat de voordelen zijn?

Healthy and practical suggestions to pre-prepare your meals


Are you a pre-prepper? Meal prepping beforehand, especially if you have a busy schedule, has many advantages including having healthy homemade food ready to take to work or at home when last minute cooking often results in... Read more

Knowing when it’s time to heal - 3-day detox

Knowing when it’s time to heal - 3-day detox


Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve not only travelled through Europe, but I also ate my way around the continent too. As delightful or frightening that may sound, my time has come to kick back into gear. We all need to indulge here... Read more

Vegetables for breakfast, Love My Salad

Vegetables for breakfast is easier than you think


We all know that we should be enjoying eating more vegetables every day. One meal of the day, arguably the most important, is breakfast, but this is where Australians can find it difficult to include vegetables on their plates.... Read more

Grilled vegetables done right

Grilled vegetables done right


Grilling is perhaps the most delicious way to prepare vegetables. Why? It adds loads of taste and texture. You can eat grilled vegetables hot and/or cold and the addition of the grill stripes make it even more enticing.... Read more

Des Chapman of Rocky Ponds Produce, Gulmu, Queensland.

Q&A with Des Chapman


Rocky Ponds Produce farms a range of melons: rockmelons, green honeydew and yellow honeydew and Piel de Sapo melons, as well as yellow, green and red capsicums and pumpkins. Des Chapman shares his story with Love My Salad.  Read more