Organic farming with a passion for biodiversity

Organic farming with a passion for biodiversity


Organic food has been gaining popularity in the UK for a few years now. Even in economically challenging times, the organic market still rose slightly (1.6%) in 2022. In addition to farmers’ markets and organic supermarkets,... Read more

Almeria, the winter garden for organic vegetable production

Almeria, the winter garden for organic vegetable production


All year round we visit the supermarket and load our trolleys with fresh vegetables – often without giving much thought to where the vegetables are produced.Did you know that during the winter months many organic vegetables... Read more

Des Chapman of Rocky Ponds Produce, Gulmu, Queensland.

Q&A with Des Chapman


Rocky Ponds Produce farms a range of melons: rockmelons, green honeydew and yellow honeydew and Piel de Sapo melons, as well as yellow, green and red capsicums and pumpkins. Des Chapman shares his story with Love My Salad.  Read more

A tomato from Costa Tomatoes shares where tomatoes come from, Love My Salad

Where do tomatoes come from?


A glossy, red and juicy tomato is a product of love. Behind every tomato plant, there are dedicated growers, tending to the plant’s every need, ensuring the fruits are produced to the highest and most delicious standard.Ray... Read more

cucumber varieties

Not all cucumbers are long and green. Get to know the different varieties.


Recently, I visited cucumber breeder, Eric Bal, who is employed by Rijk Zwaan. Perhaps an explanation is needed; a breeder selects plants with hereditary characteristics and in doing so can develop new vegetable types.... Read more

An inquisitive kangaroo joined the wedding celebrations, a story by Love my Salad blogger, Frances Tolson

Salads served with love


There’s something inherently kind and virtuous about doing good for others and expecting absolutely nothing in return. For some people, this level of kindness is extremely difficult to accept and some even find it strange and... Read more

Discover Nasi Campur, in Ubud, Bali. A dish of spicy carrot and banana blossom salads, stir-fried eggplant, coconut curry, ratatouille, garlic infused cauliflower and classic Indonesian greens.

A vegetable discovery in Bali


The island of Bali has been a global travel hotspot for decades and the immense popularity of this exotic location is not without its reasoning. A trip to the Indonesian paradise nicknamed the ... Read more

Frances Tolson grew up on her family's vegetable farm

Childhood memories harvesting goodness


Growing up on the family vegetable farm meant food was always harvested fresh and prepared with loved ones. It was just our lifestyle. Read more

salad pride cafe neal's yard

The world's biggest salad ambassador


The best and most honest encounters happen when you meet people who share the same passions as you. This was the spirit of the meeting with David Bez, creator of the blog Salad Pride and the world’s biggest salad ambassador.... Read more

salad bar, middle eastern salads, gluten free vegetarian salads

Vegetarian and gluten free dinners are easier than you think


Inviting the members of your acapella choir for a dinner becomes a challenge when some members have specific preferences and food allergies. Two vegetarians, two that are gluten free, one with a lactose allergy and one person... Read more