Need help deciding what to do with all those leftover vegetables? Love My Salad has the answer

End of week fridge clean out


The one constant in my hectic life is the random ingredients in the bottom of the vegetable drawer. For years I’ve been meaning to meal plan, have even drafted up a two-week menu complete with supermarket shopping list, but I... Read more

Are you eating seven serves of vegetables a day? Love My Salad

Who eats 7 serves a day?


That’s right, you read it right seven not five. My mind is blown.Like others I have spoken to recently, I have assumed that is still two serves of fruit and three of vegetables. And to think, I was always slightly chuffed with... Read more

Organic watermelon, grown by Paringi Farms, Love My Salad

Organics explained


I believe we need to get back to basics and it all starts with the soil.  If we look after the biology and organic matter in the soil, our plants will be strong and able to absorb the soil’s nutrients to produce highly... Read more

Learn more about the flexitarian lifestyle, Love My Salad

Busy, active and a bride to be – learn about Jess’s flexitarian journey


The Cambridge Dictionary defines flexitarian as ‘a person who eats mainly vegetarian food but eats meat occasionally.’ (Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus, n.d). Read more

Smaller vegetables against food waste

Smaller vegetables against food waste


Does this sound familiar? You have a cucumber that you only used half of, or you buy a whole head of broccoli when you just need a few florets. A few days later you discover the leftovers in the vegetable drawer. Such a waste,... Read more

There are many varieties of capsicums, from blocky to pointy, Love My Salad

Capsicum – your traffic light delight


Have you, like me, walked past capsicums in the shopping isle and weren’t quite sure how to add these into your daily meals, besides perhaps a topping on a pizza or a sweet addition to your stir-fry or hot curry? I’ve looked... Read more

how to store your vegetables

Not all varieties of vegetables should be stored in the fridge. So, which can, and which can't?


It’s a common belief that you should keep all vegetables in the fridge. Why else is that bottom drawer called a vegetable drawer? Vegetables keep best at the bottom of the fridge, but not all vegetables should be kept in a cold... Read more

vegetable pulp from the juicer

3 delicious recipes to make using vegetable pulp from the juicer


Do you regularly make smoothies with vegetables? And do you find that a lot of pulp remains in the juicer? It’s such a shame to throw it away. Now you no longer have to, because you can easily put it to good use. In this blog,... Read more

5 tips for cooking more sustainably

5 tips for cooking more sustainably


We all want to be sustainable. But where to start and what to do, or not do, isn’t always clear. Did you know, for example, that you can also save energy and water while cooking? In this blog, we share a few easy adjustments... Read more

Costa Tomatoes explains what glasshouse grown tomatoes means, Love My Salad

What does 'glasshouse grown' mean?


Costa tomatoes are grown hydroponically under carefully controlled conditions in custom built glasshouses, which means that our growers can ensure that the conditions for growing and ripening are optimum at all times.A more... Read more