Winter-proof your salad

Winter-proof your salad


Do you enjoy rugging up in winter but miss the crunch and creativity of summer salads? Fear not, we have a few simple tricks to turn any salad into a winning winter warmer. Read more

Eating walnuts may be one of the easiest things you can do to improve your health

Eating walnuts may be one of the easiest things you can do to improve your health


Walnuts have always been considered a “brain food”, perhaps because the surface structure of the walnut has a crinkly appearance similar to that of the brain. Due to this reason, they have been considered as a symbol of... Read more

How to make your own salad dressings

How to make your own salad dressings


Do you find it hard to prepare your own dressing and to find the right balance in the ingredients? In this blog I try to explain. Tip: when you create a dressing you like you can make a bigger batch and keep it in a well sealed... Read more

6 tips to turn vegetables into the best fast food snacks

6 tips to turn vegetables into the best fast food snacks


I love good fresh food yet too many of us have been conditioned to think that good nutritious food is bland, tasteless and boring. This couldn't be further from the truth. Have you experienced the goodness of naturally... Read more

Pretty easy! 4 tips for a quick meal with lots of vegetables

4 tips for a quick and easy meal with vegetables


Do you have that feeling too? You want to go for that healthy lunch or have a healthy evening meal on the table but you just do not feel like making it. Do you feel like cheating by getting a take-a-way or grabbing a ready-to... Read more

5 healthy eating tips from Rianne, food nutritionalist in The Netherlands

Food coach shares 5 healthy eating tips for busy people


Recently I visited Rianne Veldkamp-Topman, a nutrition coach and blogger from Alkmaar, The Netherlands who helps people find a better balance in their busy livesin terms of diet and lifestyle. She hosts workshops called 'Sweets... Read more

Meal preparation, pre preparation, be prepared and save money anad be healthier

Healthy and practical suggestions to pre-prepare your meals


Are you a pre-prepper? Meal prepping beforehand, especially if you have a busy schedule, has many advantages including having healthy homemade food ready to take to work or at home when last minute cooking often results in... Read more

Spiralize noodles spaghetti vegetables

How to make vegetable noodles


Making noodles with vegetables is very trendy right now and because it's a healthy option - a welcome trend! The advantages of making 'spaghetti' out of vegetables like zucchini or carrot are endless. They are suitable for... Read more

Healthy suggestions for high tea

How do you organise a healthy high tea?


Are you thinking about organising a 'high' tea for your family or friends, but don't want it to be too sweet? Make the most delicious high tea's full of flavour that will be very colourful and healthy.... Read more

Tips to use edible flowers

Cooking with edible flowers, how do they taste and which ones to try


Edible flowers are a pleasure to look at and delicious to eat. They brighten the plate, make a dish more festive and add beautiful colours and shapes. There are dozens of flowers you can eat, in this blog I'll... Read more