Costa Tomatoes explains what glasshouse grown tomatoes means, Love My Salad

What does 'glasshouse grown' mean?


Costa tomatoes are grown hydroponically under carefully controlled conditions in custom built glasshouses, which means that our growers can ensure that the conditions for growing and ripening are optimum at all times.A more... Read more

How to pick the best tomato, Love My Salad

Picking the best tomato


Enlist your senses when selecting truss tomatoes to ensure you’re picking the crème of the crop. Read more

A tomato from Costa Tomatoes shares where tomatoes come from, Love My Salad

Where do tomatoes come from?


A glossy, red and juicy tomato is a product of love. Behind every tomato plant, there are dedicated growers, tending to the plant’s every need, ensuring the fruits are produced to the highest and most delicious standard.Ray... Read more

What is the nutritional value of lettuce?

What is the nutritional value of lettuce?


What is the nutritional value of lettuce? Is lettuce primarily a luxury product, a little something crunchy for your plate, or is there more to lettuce than meets the eye? After some research, we discovered that lettuce... Read more

Enjoy fresh lettuce for longer - the best way to store lettuce

Enjoy fresh lettuce for longer - the best way to store lettuce


Lettuce is tastiest when it's crisp, chilled and fresh. We don't always need a whole head of lettuce or a whole bag, sometimes we just want one leaf to put on a sandwich, so what’s the best way to store lettuce so it stays... Read more

A coleslaw salad without the mayonnaise, Love My Salad

How to make an unforgettable coleslaw


This quick and easy salad will be the draw card at your next backyard cookout or picnic in the park. It looks stunning and it's built with a medley of striking colours. You'll want to make this again and... Read more

Learn the four easy steps to create a tasty green salad, Love My Salad

The super-simple green salad formula everyone should know


Green salads are the perfect antidote to a heavy main meal. For a successful green salad you want to get the balance right. Do this and your green salads will easily steal the spotlight away from the main dish or... Read more

Buddha Bowls are an easy and delicious way to create healthy meals, Love My Salad

How to make four easy and delicious Buddha Bowls


“OK, so I need you to blanch that broccoli, just enough to bring out the vibrant green, and cut the sweet potato in one centimetre discs,” Adel says.Adel is a dear friend of mine who I’ve known for many years and whose Lebanese... Read more

Barbecued zucchini steaks with a fiery chilli and garlic marinade, Love my Salad

Here's the secret to a feel-good barbecue


Backyard barbecues are a playground for adventurous cooking. The sizzle of the grill combined with a relaxed outdoor ambience and a cold drink in hand creates the perfect opportunity to experiment with contemporary flavours and... Read more

Whole roasted cauliflower. Simple and restaurant quality food

Discover the art of cooking with Cauliflower


Learn the art of cooking with cauliflower. Read on for three cauliflower salads to shake up your weekly cooking routine.  Read more