Homemade edible Christmas tree

Homemade edible Christmas tree


Did you know, that a Christmas tree was traditionally decorated with edibles such as apples and dates? Later it began to be illuminated by candles, which with electrification could also be replaced by lights. Inspired by... Read more

organic vegetables love my salad sustainable farming

What exactly is organic farming?


Let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Wilde and I work at Nature & More, an international specialist in fresh organic vegetables and fruit. I am convinced of the importance of organic farming, not only for the health... Read more

Delicious vegetable dips for snacking beetroot, hummus, roasted pepper

Discover these tasty vegetable dips - perfect for snacking!


I believe the best way to enjoy snack vegetables is with a homemade dip on the side. At a recent 'Tasty Food' event in The Netherlands, I treated visitors to three of my favourite dip creations, which I am excited to share with... Read more

color colours app kids saladpic salad pic

SaladPic, download our fun new APP for kids


Take photos, convert them to drawings, and paint them using fruits and vegetables. Read more

hydroponic farming lettuce great lakes growers

Great Lakes Grower, Tim Ryan shares his hydroponic farming story


Great Lakes Growers are hydroponic lettuce growers based in Ohio. They have been providing fresh and healthy vegetables to the Great Lakes region since 2011. Due to the region's climate, hydroponic farming in a greenhouse... Read more

Get excited by salads

Get excited by salads


Welcome to my brand new blog. I think it's time to make it easier to dive into a fun, healthy salading lifestyle. This blog is designed to show, from two different perspectives, the fun and easy ways that salads can enhance... Read more

A la découverte des salades vietnamiennes

Embrace the salad flavours of Vietnam


I stumbled across some of the best food I've ever tasted during my time in Vietnam, where I spent 3 months teaching english, dining on nothing but street food and tasting everything the country had to offer. Vietnam is a place... Read more

Grow your own!

Grow your own!


It's fun to watch your own vegetables grow and it's easy to grow your own vegetables in a garden at home, with your family, or at school. Follow the steps below and soon you'll be able enjoy "hown-grown" vegetables! Read more

Share the fun, joy and vitality of salads

Become a salad fan!


You already know that vegetables are good for you ... and everyone says you have to eat them! Well, here are some ideas to try so you can become a salad fan and start to enjoy eating more vegetables everyday. Read more

Hoe kies je een meloen in de supermarkt?

How to choose the perfect melon


Do you love melons? Not always sure which melon you should pick from the produce aisle? Let us guide you on a journey to discover wonderful melons, and the indicators to help you pick the best one! There's nothing more... Read more