Holiday inspiration for healthy and easy starters, salads and sweets

Holiday inspiration for healthy and easy starters, salads and sweets


The holiday season is a time for relaxing and recuperating, spending quality time with friends and families and lots of backyard barbecues and dinner parties. But with all that fun comes a bit of pressure trying to come up with... Read more

Pumpkin salads are easy to create and always a crowd pleaser, Love my Salad

Three easy go-to pumpkin salads


Pumpkin is an amazing base for a salad. Not only is it easy to find since it’s grown all year round in Australia, but it’s easy to cook, will fill the bellies of a hungry crowd, and is packed with vitamins and minerals while... Read more

Quick and easy salads kids will love - mixed veggies

Quick and easy salads kids will love - mixed veggies


One of my favorite ways to make my weeknights easier is to do a whole roast chicken on a Sunday. I’ll usually pair it with roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes, and I’d like to say I keep some leftover roasted veggies for a cool... Read more

Three simple zucchini dishes, zoodles, baked or grilled, Love My Salad

How to make three stunningly simple zucchini salads


It’s natural to look into the bottom of your vegetable drawer and feel uninspired. You may have overestimated your weekly intake at the supermarket or bought ingredients that don’t seem to fit together. ... Read more

Buy cherry tomatoes from Coles throughout November to support blood cancer research.

A million reasons to buy tomatoes this November


They’re sweet, juicy and perfect for snacking or salads, and for the month of November, specially marked cherry tomatoes sold at Coles will help to fight blood cancers. Read more

Quick and easy salads kids will love - with mushrooms

Quick and easy salads kids will love - with mushrooms


Working next door to “the salad people” can be interesting, like when they bring a new variety of melon over for us to try, but also very daunting. When we first started speaking about my working with them, all I could think... Read more

cucumber varieties

Not all cucumbers are long and green. Get to know the different varieties.


Recently, I visited cucumber breeder, Eric Bal, who is employed by Rijk Zwaan. Perhaps an explanation is needed; a breeder selects plants with hereditary characteristics and in doing so can develop new vegetable types.... Read more

Fresh vegetable boxes from ourfarm2U

A growing community for lovers of fresh seasonal produce


A passion for fresh produce and small business are the drivers for Karen and Thoang Trinh, who are building a community of fruit and vegetable lovers through an initiative that brings locally-grown and wholesale produce to the... Read more

Some helpful tips for cooking with kids

How to get your kids to love vegetables


Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a little kid munching on vegetables. From the day my nieces could stomach solid foods, my brother-in-law, Dan, has been committed to educating the girls about vegetables and giving them... Read more

Evan Chapman of Rocky Ponds Produce, Gumlu, Australia, on how to pick the perfect rockmelon

How to pick a ripe rockmelon


Second generation melon farmer, Evan Chapman, shares his tips for picking a ripe and perfect rockmelon.  Read more