Education Course boosts nutritional knowledge through behavioural change

Culinary Nutrition Course to boost behavioural change towards vegetables


The University of Newcastle and Rijk Zwaan Australia’s free online Culinary Nutrition course, with support from Love My Salad, is empowering people to improve their eating patterns by increasing understanding of the science... Read more

A nation divided? Young shoppers embrace aubergines.

A nation divided? Young shoppers embrace aubergines.


Only about a third of the UK’s 27.8m households eat aubergines. However, for 25 – 34 year olds the shiny purple-black veg has become a real winner. 46% of younger households have enjoyed aubergine in the past year.Of the 17.8m... Read more

Trusty Trev taught kids about tomatoes at the Little Food Festival, Love My Salad

‘Growing’ the tasty tomato at the Little Food Festival


On the perfect spring day, the Little Food Festival attracted lots of kids and visitors, who came down to explore the food we eat, where it comes from and what impact it can have on our health. Read more

Smaller vegetables against food waste

Smaller vegetables against food waste


Does this sound familiar? You have a cucumber that you only used half of, or you buy a whole head of broccoli when you just need a few florets. A few days later you discover the leftovers in the vegetable drawer. Such a waste,... Read more

10 upcoming food trends for 2019

10 upcoming food trends for 2019


I love this time of the year. Besides the Christmas festivities, it's a great time to reflect on the year and look forward to the next. What fun plans are in the pipeline and what new food trends are we going to see? We've... Read more

Buy cherry tomatoes from Coles throughout November to support blood cancer research.

A million reasons to buy tomatoes this November


They’re sweet, juicy and perfect for snacking or salads, and for the month of November, specially marked cherry tomatoes sold at Coles will help to fight blood cancers. Read more

Fresh vegetable boxes from ourfarm2U

A growing community for lovers of fresh seasonal produce


A passion for fresh produce and small business are the drivers for Karen and Thoang Trinh, who are building a community of fruit and vegetable lovers through an initiative that brings locally-grown and wholesale produce to the... Read more

Evan Chapman of Rocky Ponds Produce, Gumlu, Australia, on how to pick the perfect rockmelon

How to pick a ripe rockmelon


Second generation melon farmer, Evan Chapman, shares his tips for picking a ripe and perfect rockmelon.  Read more

A video to explain how to pick a ripe Piel de Sapo melon, Love my Salad, Australia

How to pick a ripe Piel de Sapo melon


Melon farmer, Des Chapman, explains how to pick a ripe Piel de Sapo while standing in a field of melons at his farm, Rocky Ponds Produce, in Gumlu, Queensland, Australia.  Read more