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A week of salads

After a week of small, vibrant, nutrition-packed cups of salad making their way throughout the crowd it seems yet another year of Love My Salad at the Perth Royal Show has come to an end.

Thousands turned out throughout the week to watch on as generous local Western Australian growers took time out of their busy schedules to share information about their produce and just how they incorporate it in their favourite salads.

Enthusiastic audience members jumped at the chance to grab salads from the Love My Salad team and ask questions as well as get their hands on some delicious samples of the growers produce.

Perhaps all the evidence we needed that the salad was a hit was the fact that the children patiently waiting beside their parents during the discussion were just as excited to snatch up a freshly made salad, even coming for seconds, little arms popping up throughout the audience eager to impress the growers during question and answer time by discussing their own vegetable gardens.

Witnessing children putting down cookies and show bags to pick up a salad, I’d say that’s another successful show.

Jesinta Burton

A week of salads

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