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What's in season?Butterhead lettuce

Butterhead lettuce

To keep your leavy greens fresh and green, keep your washed and dried greens in a plastic bag.  And here's the twist: before sealing it up, blow a little puff of air into the bag. It will keep your greens green and fresh all week long!

Pick up budget-friendly vegetables

Salad tipPick up budget-friendly vegetables

If you have big eaters at the table, choose large vegetables like aubergine, leek, courgette and cauliflower. They're great value: cheap and extremely rewarding to cook with, bringing both nutrition and volume to your dish. And Buy your fresh fruits and vegetables when they're in season; they are cheaper and tastier. Focusing on local produce means your items didn't have to travel far, thus saving on packaging and transportation costs.

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Vegetables and salads are a great way to enjoy varied and healthy meals. On Love My Salad, you will find information about all the vegetables available in the supermarket. Which vegetables are in season when, how you can prepare the vegetables and plenty of ideas for delicious side dishes and salads. From quick and easy salads and vegetable dishes to festive dishes for special moments. In our blogs, we reveal fun facts and news about vegetables and tasty and healthy food. Enjoy reading them and we look forward to welcoming you back to our vegetable site soon.