Nutritionist Catherine Saxelby shares her 6 top reasons to eat more truss tomatoes

6 top reasons to eat more tomatoes


The tomato, eaten as a vegetable but botanically classified as a fruit, is our second favourite vegetable. Much of this intake is in the form of tomato products like canned whole tomatoes, tomato pasta sauces, tomato paste... Read more

Is Steaming or Boiling Better?

Is Steaming or Boiling Better?


Actually it depends on the vegetable. A study of the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture found that broccoli cooked in the microwave lost up to 97 percent of its antioxidant content but lost only 11 percent when... Read more

Consumers took to social media to raise their concerns about the packaging of Mark and Spencer's cauliflower steak.

Cauliflower steak misses the Mark?


These days most of us are generally time-poor, so paying for convenience in a variety of ways is more common: the car wash, fast food and takeaways, cleaning and pickup laundry services… the list goes on. I’m the first to... Read more

What is a Piel de Sapo melon?

What is a Piel de Sapo melon?


Are you aware of the deliciously sweet and refreshing flavour of the Piel de Sapo melon? Originally from Spain, the melon is now grown in Australia all year round. Keep an eye out for this ugly melon and don't be afraid to try... Read more

How to make your own salad dressings

How to make your own salad dressings


Do you find it hard to prepare your own dressing and to find the right balance in the ingredients? In this blog I try to explain. Tip: when you create a dressing you like you can make a bigger batch and keep it in a well sealed... Read more

5 healthy eating tips from Rianne, food nutritionalist in The Netherlands

Food coach shares 5 healthy eating tips for busy people


Recently I visited Rianne Veldkamp-Topman, a nutrition coach and blogger from Alkmaar, The Netherlands who helps people find a better balance in their busy livesin terms of diet and lifestyle. She hosts workshops called 'Sweets... Read more

6 tips to turn vegetables into the best fast food snacks

6 tips to turn vegetables into the best fast food snacks


I love good fresh food yet too many of us have been conditioned to think that good nutritious food is bland, tasteless and boring. This couldn't be further from the truth. Have you experienced the goodness of naturally... Read more

Grow your own rockmelon

How to grow a rockmelon


What you’ll need: Two rockmelon seedsA car tyrePotting mixA Hessian bag Fertiliser  Step one) Find a sunny spot in your backyard for your plant to grow. A rockmelon plant can grow to cover up to 4... Read more

Morris the Melon performs the melon dance

Morris rolls in to Toronto for Spring Fair


It’s not every day you can see a rockmelon dancing, but for the local community of Toronto ‘Morris the Melon’ will make a special appearance at the annual Spring Fair.Presented by the social network Love My Salad, Morris will... Read more

Frances Tolson grew up on her family's vegetable farm

Childhood memories harvesting goodness


Growing up on the family vegetable farm meant food was always harvested fresh and prepared with loved ones. It was just our lifestyle. Read more