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Yellow honeydews worth their weight in gold

At Rocky Ponds Produce we produce a range of melons. The yellow-skinned honeydew is a favourite in our house.

Gladial recipe

Colour and shape 

The first thing you will notice is the intense colour of the skin. Traditionally, honeydew melons are pale green but Gold Honeydew melons are bright yellow. This colour makes Gold Honeydew melons very attractive as they easily contrast with other fruit and vegetables in the fruit bowl. The internal colour is also different. While traditional honeydew melons are pale green inside, Gold Honeydew melons have white flesh. This also produces a nice contrast, especially if this melon is used for salads. The shape of Gold Honeydew melons is also different. Traditional honeydew melons are round, while Gold Honeydew melons are more elongated reminding us of a more exotic fruit.

Gladial RZ melons


However, if the differences were only colour and shape then we would talk very little about Gold Honeydew melons. The most important difference is that Gold Honeydew melons are consistently sweeter than traditional honeydew melons. It is really hard to know when a traditional honeydew melon is good to eat, but the intense colour of Gold Honeydew melons makes it easy to pick up when the melon is going to be really sweet and yummy. You have a much better chance to have a good eating experience when you buy a Gold Honeydew melon with a bright yellow skin.

Nutritional information

Similarly to traditional honeydew melons, Gold Honeydew melons are high in vitamins and minerals, while also being low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol.

Where are Gold Honeydew Melons grown?

For Australia:

The Gold Honeydew melons you’ll find in local stores is grown by Rocky Ponds Produce near Home Hill (North Queensland). The sweet tasting golden honeydews are easily identifiable by the red sticker with the boxing kangaroo.

Gladial at Rocky Ponds Produce

When are Gold Honeydew Melons available?

Gold Honeydew melons from Rocky Ponds Produce are supplied across Australia from May to November each year. These melons are available at major retail stores and selected independent fruit and vegetable outlets in Queensland and other Australian states.

Gladial melons of Rijk Zwaan

Salad story by

Des Chapman

Des Chapman

Grower / producer

At Rocky Ponds Produce we produce a range of melons: rockmelons, green honeydew and yellow honeydew and Piel de Sapo melons, as well as yellow, green and red capsicums and pumpkins. Our family... Read more

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