Inspecting the tomatoes

Childhood memories of vegetables


Recently I participated at a workshop of vegetable growers and health professionals in Melbourne, Australia to develop strategies to help increase the intake of vegetables to children aged between 2 and 6 years. During a... Read more

5 tips for eating more vegetables

5 tips for eating more vegetables


With a busy life and lots of potential distractions, we don’t always incorporate enough vegetables in every meal. We have compiled five tips that improve our awareness of nutrition and help us add vegetables to your daily life... Read more

Save money with these 5 budget friendly recipes

Save money with these 5 budget friendly recipes


Our budget-friendly dinner recipes are low on cost and high on creativity.  Read more

salad pride cafe neal's yard

The world's biggest salad ambassador


The best and most honest encounters happen when you meet people who share the same passions as you. This was the spirit of the meeting with David Bez, creator of the blog Salad Pride and the world’s biggest salad ambassador.... Read more

salad bar, middle eastern salads, gluten free vegetarian salads

Vegetarian and gluten free dinners are easier than you think


Inviting the members of your acapella choir for a dinner becomes a challenge when some members have specific preferences and food allergies. Two vegetarians, two that are gluten free, one with a lactose allergy and one person... Read more

National Horticultural & Innovation Expo Gatton, Glen Barratt

Chef Glen Barratt leads an interactive salad workshop in Gatton, Australia


Featuring the theme 'sharing the fun, joy and versatility of vegetables',  Love My Salad will host a demonstration and salad tasting experience in partnership with the Lockyer Valley Growers at the National... Read more

panzanella salad, colourful salad, capsicum, tomato, cucumber

5 ways to harness your salad making potential


There are not many foods as versatile and limitless as a salad, where sweet, tart, spicy and aromatic flavours often exist in perfect balance all on the one plate. To help you sharpen your salad making skills and find that... Read more

David Bez Salad Pride Love My Salad

In search of salad heroes


I’ve always made it my mission to spread the message to anyone who will listen, that vegetables should be the star of the meal not just something reserved to the side of the plate. Dining out in restaurants all over the... Read more

salading masterclass lorne, lorne fire brigade, HFF conference

Salading masterclass in Lorne brings industry and community together


At the Love My Salad masterclass event in Lorne on the 9th of June, industry members, community groups and the general public were brought together to share and sample salads and add colour to their life. The event was a great... Read more

Salad making event Newcastle Australia

Salad creating at The Fresh Ingredient


There was a free-flowing sense of fun, creativity and collaboration shared at our Georgetown fruit and vegetable store (Newcastle, Australia) recently when Love My Salad teamed up with The Fresh Ingredient to host a special... Read more