Apple and kohlrabi salad - a healthy addiction

It’s time to start cooking with the freshest flavours of March and that includes the large variety of Australian apples that come into season at this time of year.

From the super sweet Fuji variety all the way to the tartness of the Granny Smith, there’s a huge selection to choose from. I love turning tart into sweet, by using the Granny Smith variety to make my grandmother’s traditional apple pie recipe – cinnamon an essential ingredient.

As you can see, I’ve already been busy picking the fruit in my orchard! While I love eating apples just as they are, the Granny Smith is an exception to the rule given the sharp acidic taste you get with every bite. However it’s unbelievably refreshing, that’s why I’ve come up with a salad to go with my apply pie dessert - a staple menu I serve guests throughout autumn.

I believe simple is best when using fresh local ingredients, so all you need is corn salad or field lettuce that has a strong resemblance to spinach. It’s slightly nutty flavour works well with the apple and blue vein cheese sprinkled throughout not to mention a generous serve of walnuts to finish off. Yum!

In one of my first blogs, I mentioned I was going to attempt to concoct a dish using kohlrabi. Well, I have stuck to my goal and experimented with a salad that also includes Granny Smith apples. Kohlrabi is a round vegetable, closely related to cabbage and has a crisp, juicy texture similar to an apple. After washing, cut the globe into raw strips. Dice peeled apples and combine the two. Mix natural yoghurt with lemon juice, mustard and parsley to taste and sprinkle the apple and kohlrabi on top. Fresh, healthy and totally addictive!

What have you cooked lately using kohlrabi?

Enjoy your salads! Louise.

Join Louise on a journey through the seasons with salad ingredients, old traditions and popular, exotic or unusual vegetables. From Paddock to Plate founder, author, food writer, radio journalist & yoga teacher.

Apple and kohlrabi salad - a healthy addiction

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Louise FitzRoy

Louise FitzRoy

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