What does 'glasshouse grown' mean?

  • Costa tomatoes are grown hydroponically under carefully controlled conditions in custom built glasshouses, which means that our growers can ensure that the conditions for growing and ripening are optimum at all times.
  • A more environmentally sustainable growing method – reduced impact on the natural environment (significant reduction in fertilisers, pesticides and water waste), increased yields on smaller footprints, energy and water efficiencies
  • Vine ripening allows the tomatoes to develop their full sugar content so they’re more flavoursome than field tomatoes.
  • Wherever possible, naturally occurring insects are used to combat tomato pests without the use of chemicals.
  • Costa tomatoes are available all year round and their quality remains impeccable, no matter what time of the year. Our glasshouse production works in a continual cycle of growing, planting and harvesting to ensure there are always juicy
Costa Tomatoes explains what glasshouse grown tomatoes means, Love My Salad

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