Easy eggplant 'pizza'

Late home from work? Couldn’t be bothered to cook? Feel like takeaway for dinner?

Before you ring your local pizzeria, take a quick look at the salad ingredients you have on hand. Have you ever tried supplementing a pizza base with an eggplant slice?

If you’re scrunching up your nose in disgust then the answer is ‘no’. I dare you to try it and can assure you’ll be pleasantly surprised... I was!

All you need to do is brush both sides of the eggplant with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and bake in the oven until golden brown. Spread one tablespoon of pasta sauce on each slice and then add other ingredients like spinach leaves and tomato if you desire.

Top with shredded cheese and bake again until melted. Serve with a fresh green leaf salad.

Enjoy your salads! Louise.

Join Louise on a journey through the seasons with salad ingredients, old traditions and popular, exotic or unusual vegetables. From Paddock to Plate founder, author, food writer, radio journalist & yoga teacher.

Leichte Auberginen "Pizza"

Salad story by

Louise FitzRoy

Louise FitzRoy

Food blogger / food writer

I love everything there is to love about cooking. The fresh ingredients, the tantalising smells and the creativeness of concocting a dish using food you’ve never heard of before. Besides yoga,... Read more

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