4 Tips How to Successfully Cook on a Fire Pit

We're bringing you the primal joy of cooking over an open fire pit – an age-old tradition that is making a comeback. In this article, you'll read all about tasty recipes and the best tips to cook on a fire pit. In addition, we'll share the top five outdoor cooking equipment to immediately start off the right way. And be honest, who doesn't like to cook on a fire pit? So, are you ready to unleash your inner culinary firestarter?

1. Choose the right wood!

When you want to cook on a fire pit, it's important to choose the right wood. Opt for hardwoods like oak or hickory for a steady, long-lasting fire that imparts a delicious smoky aroma to your food. 

Avoid softwoods as they can release resin and give an unpleasant taste.

2. Create different temperature zones.

Arrange your fire to have both direct and indirect heat areas. This way, you can sear your steaks over the hot flames and slowly roast your veggies on the cooler side. Versatility at its best!

3. Indirect heat for delicate vegetables

Delicate vegetables like asparagus, cherry tomatoes or green beans benefit from indirect heat. Place them in a grilling basket and position it on the cooler side of the fire. This ensures they cook gently without charring.

4. Keep a close eye

Grilling vegetables can be relatively quick, so keep a close eye on them to prevent overcooking. Toss or flip them regularly to ensure even browning and doneness.

The best outdoor cooking equipment for grilling vegetables

Outdoor cooking equipment 

When cooking over a fire pit, it's also very important that you use the right outdoor cooking equipment. Here's what definitely cannot be missed:

Master the Art of Open Fire Cooking with These Top 5 Outdoor Cooking Equipment!

1. Firewood and Fire Starters
: Gather a variety of firewood, from hardwood for a long-lasting and consistent heat to aromatic wood chips for adding delightful smoky flavors. Fire starters will help you kickstart your fire with ease.

2. Grilling Grate: Elevate your cooking game with a high-quality grilling grate. These allow you to place pots, pans, and skewers directly over the flames for even cooking.

3. Cast Iron Cookware: Invest in durable and versatile cast iron pans, skillets, and Dutch ovens. They distribute heat evenly and are perfect for searing, simmering, and baking over the open fire.

4.Long-Handled Tongs: Keep a safe distance from the flames while still having full control of your food with long-handled tongs and spatula. Flipping and turning your ingredients will be a breeze!

5.Skewers and Grilling Baskets: Load up your skewers with marinated meats, veggies, or fruits for easy grilling. Grilling baskets come in handy for delicate or small items that could fall through the grates.

Ready to put theory into practice? Here an overview of nice bbq vegetable recipes that hopefully will give you some inspiration for this summer. 

How to Cook on a fire pit

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