15 fun facts about aubergines

We love aubergines: gorgeous to look at and versatile in their preparation. What is so special about aubergine?  Well there are lots of different facts about aubergines, and we collected the 15 most interesting and surprising facts about aubergine. Did you know the following on aubergines?

1.  Many names for aubergine
You may not immediately recognise aubergine on a menu abroad. Its many names include: Brinjal (India), Berenjena (Spanish), Eggplant (US English), Patlican (Turkish) and Melanzana (Italian).

2. Different colours and types of aubergines
Are you only familiar with the purple aubergine? The fruit can come in other colours too, like white, green and purple with white stripes.

3.  What are the family members of aubergine
The aubergine belongs to the tomato and potato family, which are all nightshades.

4. Storing aubergines
Aubergines are best stored in a cool place, outside the fridge. 

5. Can you eat aubergines raw?
You should avoid eating aubergines raw, because they can give stomach problems. In China they do eat the green variant raw, but don’t try this at home;-)

6. Surprising content
Did you know that an aubergine contains nicotine? But only a tiny amount, just 0.01%. You would have to eat 9 kilos of aubergines to get the same amount of nicotine as in one cigarette.

7. Is aubergine a vegetable or fruit?
The aubergine is a fruit, but is always prepared and regarded as a vegetable.

8. In what climate do aubergine grow best?
Aubergines like heat; an average temperature of 20-25 degrees is ideal.

9. Should an aubergine be peeled before cooking?
No, just slice off the end.

10. Where do aubergines originally come from?
The aubergine plant originally comes from Myamar.

11. When were aubergines first found in Europe?
Arabs brought aubergines to Spanish Andalusia in the 15th century.

12. How many fruits grow on an aubergine plant?
110 aubergines per plant, which will give you lots of moussaka.

13. What percentage of water does an aubergine contain?
The aubergine consists of 95% water and 50% of the volume is air!

14. In which national cuisine is the aubergine used most?
Asia uses a lot of aubergines. They are also frequently used in Turkey and the Middle East.

15. How big can an aubergine plant grow?
The aubergine plant can grow to a length of 5 to 6 metres.

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15 fun facts about aubergines

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