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These vegetables are surprisingly high in Vitamin C

The true value of the health benefits from nutritious food can be confusing and hard to quantify, since there are a lot of contradictory stories about what’s good and what’s not. And yet there are many foods, full vitamins which we all know they are healthy. Vitamin C is an example of such a vital nutrient and like the humble orange, many common vegetables are also a rich source of Vitamin C. In this article we explore more about the effects of Vitamin C on your immune system and share some surprise examples of popular vegetables that are high in vitamin C.   
What effects does Vitamin C has on your immune system?
Vitamin C is often seen as a common home remedy for the flu or when you catch a cold. Is this correct? According to research, Vitamin C intake resulting from eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, or as a supplement, doesn’t necessarily prevent you from getting the flu or catching a cold. However research has shown there are benefits such as a faster recovery from a flu or a cold, or experiencing milder symptoms for people who enjoy a healthy diet that includes fruit and vegetables that provide a regular intake of Vitamin C. On the other hand, taking Vitamin C when you are already suffering from the flu doesn’t have the same effect. 
How much Vitamin C do you need?
It is commonly known that Vitamin C occurs naturally in fruit, however vegetables are high Vitamin C foods as well, some are containing even more Vitamin C than the popular oranges and kiwifruits do. We've selected some vegetable superstars regarding their Vitamin C properties that you can share and enjoy every day. While eating vegetables raw is one of the best ways to enjoy the highest amount of vitamin C, lightly steaming, quickly stir-frying or blanching vegetables also ensures they are fresh, healthy and nutritious - just avoid overcooking them.  
Capsicums or sweet peppers
Capsicums, also known as bell peppers or sweet peppers, are high in Vitamin C, but if you’re looking for a real injection of Vitamin C then the sweet pointed pepper varieties, oftne sold under the name Sweet Palermo are supercharged Vitamin C heros. Not only sweeter compared to the standard types, these varieties are even richer in vitamin C where adn equal serve contains at least 3 times more Vitamin C compared to an orange, or at least twice as much as a kiwifruit. Enjoying some Sweet Palermo in your daily diet as a snack, sandwich or tossed into your salad will go a long way to getting your daily dose of Vitamin C.
You probably already know that broccoli is healthy. But did you know it is a rich source of vitamin C as well? 100g broccoli contains more than 100mg Vitamin C. Quickly blanch or steam the broccoli instead of baking or over-cooking to ensure the vitamin content is preserved and being crunchier, tastes great too. Did you know that broccoli is an excellent ingredient for a salad? This salad with avocado and goji berries is delicious and perfectly suits as an on-the-go meal. Don’t forget to add the avocado the moment you’ll eat the salad. The other ingredients can be prepared and combined in advance.
Red cabbage
100g serve of red cabbage can provide you with more than 70% of the recommended daily portion of Vitamin C. Cabbage also contains antioxidants and Vitamin K and is a wonderful healthy ingredient for fresh and tasty salads. Tip: Finely chop so it is easy to enjoy raw and it will retain most of the vitamins. This red cabbage coleslaw  is surprisingly high in Vitamin C.

Other vegetables that are good sources of Vitamin C include brussel sprouts, spinach and tomatoes.
Surprising! These vegetables are high in Vitamin C

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