Enjoy fresh lettuce for longer - the best way to store lettuce

Lettuce is tastiest when it's crisp, chilled and fresh. But you don't always need a whole head of lettuce or a whole bag. Often you have lettuce leftover. You can easily place a slice of lettuce in your sandwich the next day. And put the rest in the fridge. But the lettuce doesn't keep long. So, we have a few tips to help you keep your lettuce fresh for longer. The shelf life differs per lettuce type, but with a few tricks you can keep heads of lettuce or chopped lettuce for longer.

Difference per type
In general, a head of lettuce keeps longer than chopped lettuce. The denser the head, the longer the lettuce stays fresh. That differs per type of lettuce. For example, the leaves of iceberg lettuce are quite densely compacted. So too are the leaves of romaine or cos lettuce. The leaves of leaf lettuces, such as oak leaf lettuce or curly lettuce, are wider apart causing them to lose moisture faster, which means they go bad rapidly. For this reason, you should use butterhead lettuce up quickly.
Go for a head of lettuce
Lettuce is just a plant that has been harvested. If you treat the head of lettuce like you would a plant, you'll be able to keep it fresh for longer. And you don't cut a plant through the middle. By plucking the outer leaves, you'll do the least damage.
You can also keep feeding the plant by slicing a small piece off the bottom so that the 'cut’ remains fresh. Set this on a saucer with water and place it in the fridge. By freshening the water each day, the head of lettuce keeps a few days longer. Too much hassle? Then wrap the whole head in cling film and place it in the vegetable draw.
With a root ball
Keeping in mind that lettuce is a plant, then it stands to reason that lettuce is also available for sale with a root ball! Root ball lettuce is lettuce with a small, clean ball of roots attached. These are the roots it has grown on and they are harvested with the lettuce. The root ball is chock full of nutrients, so the lettuce stays fresher and crisper after harvesting. You can keep the root ball lettuce in the fridge, but it also looks great on the kitchen counter! And if it's in sight, don't forget to water it ;-)
Rather a bag
We all choice convenience at times. Pre-packaged washed and chopped lettuce is a great option! But it's a shame to throw half the bag away. Loose leaves lose moisture, just like those leaves on the head. But help is at hand. Shake the leftover lettuce out of the bag on to a clean tea towel. Carefully roll this up and secure the ends with elastic bands. Place it in the fridge. The lettuce can breathe, and the moisture loss is absorbed into the tea towel rather than making the leaves limp.
You can also put the lettuce in a bowl and place a couple of sheets of kitchen paper on top. Then cover the bowl with cling film. The kitchen paper absorbs the moisture preventing it from ending up at the bottom of the bowl where it would wilt the lettuce. This keeps your lettuce fresh longer.

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