What are the food trends for 2021?

What are the food trends for 2021?


Now that we've said farewell to 2020, hopefully the new year will be a better one! At least we can guarantee the 2021 food trend predictions are good! During Corona times, there has been an increased interest in cooking and... Read more

6 ideas for Halloween snacks - spooky and delicious!

6 ideas for Halloween snacks - spooky and delicious!


Halloween is right around the corner! In many shops you'll find scary Halloween decorations and children looking forward to receiving sweet treats. Traditionally 'trick-or-treating' involves approaching the doors of friends and... Read more

Summer's perfect pair: BBQ & Batch Cooking

Summer's perfect pair: BBQ & Batch Cooking


We spend the whole year with weekly meal planning (or in Spain, what is known as batch cooking), but when summer comes we tend to improvise more.You already know that at my home we really like cooking, but if we don't feel like... Read more

15 fun facts about aubergines

15 fun facts about aubergines


We love aubergines: gorgeous to look at and versatile in their preparation. What is so special about aubergine?  Well there are lots of different facts about aubergines, and we collected the 15 most interesting and... Read more

10 pantry must-have ingredients

10 pantry must-have ingredients


A well-stocked pantry is essential if you lead a busy life or if you just want to be more budget conscious. It means you can always prepare something (healthy) even when you have not had time to shop. It also nurtures your... Read more

Grilled vegetables done right

Grilled vegetables done right


Grilling is perhaps the most delicious way to prepare vegetables. Why? It adds loads of taste and texture. You can eat grilled vegetables hot and/or cold and the addition of the grill stripes make it even more enticing.... Read more

Need help deciding what to do with all those leftover vegetables? Love My Salad has the answer

End of week fridge clean out


The one constant in my hectic life is the random ingredients in the bottom of the vegetable drawer. For years I’ve been meaning to meal plan, have even drafted up a two-week menu complete with supermarket shopping list, but I... Read more

Organic watermelon, grown by Paringi Farms, Love My Salad

Organics explained


I believe we need to get back to basics and it all starts with the soil.  If we look after the biology and organic matter in the soil, our plants will be strong and able to absorb the soil’s nutrients to produce highly... Read more

There are many varieties of capsicums, from blocky to pointy, Love My Salad

Capsicum – your traffic light delight


Have you, like me, walked past capsicums in the shopping isle and weren’t quite sure how to add these into your daily meals, besides perhaps a topping on a pizza or a sweet addition to your stir-fry or hot curry? I’ve looked... Read more

how to store your vegetables

Not all varieties of vegetables should be stored in the fridge. So, which can, and which can't?


It’s a common belief that you should keep all vegetables in the fridge. Why else is that bottom drawer called a vegetable drawer? Vegetables keep best at the bottom of the fridge, but not all vegetables should be kept in a cold... Read more