SN!BS Snack Vegetables

Vitamin-packed and ready-to-eat

SN!BS Snack Tomatoes

Ripe, robust, and ready for anything

Deliciously diverse, SN!BS snack tomatoes pop with flavour from different varieties. Plucked ripe and robust, these mini plum tomatoes come in all different shapes and colours, from deep ruby reds to bright lemon yellows and even deceptively sweet greens. Life is juicy when fuelled by SN!BS snack tomatoes. 

SN!BS Snack cucumbers

Refreshingly cool for school

SN!BS snack cucumbers are perfectly portable snack veggies packed with nutritional power. With a light crunch and deliciously sweet taste, these charming cucumber varieties are a fulfilling addition to any lunchbox. Known for keeping their cool, SN!BS snack cucumbers are the ultimate partner in cultivating fresh ideas and pure talent. 

SN!BS Snack peppers

Treats for a life full of colour

Cute and colourful, SN!BS snack peppers are as attractive as they are satisfyingly sweet. These baby capsicum, paprika and bell pepper varieties are chosen for their delicious flavour and simple snackability. Great for munching on the move or dipping in hummus, they come in an array of bright orange, yellow and red hues that make healthy choices fun as well as fuss-free.

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