Sweet Palermo

Surprisingly Sweet

Surprisingly Healthy

Sweet Palermo’s are healthy as they are all high in vitamin C. The claim “high in” can be made if a product provides at least 30% of your daily needed intake per 100 gram. And even better, 100 gram Sweet Palermo will already provide you your total needed daily intake of Vitamine C! All our Sweet Palermo’s are also “high in fibers” as the product contains at least 3g of fibre per 100 kcal.

Surprisingly Versatile

A Sweet Palermo® pointed pepper is easy to prepare in a wide variety of ways. Hence, you can enjoy a different sweet pointed pepper recipe every day. For example, you can opt for a quick and easy preparation method during the week and for ‘slow cooking’ at the weekend. Sweet Palermo offers you endless variations because this delicious bundle of vitamins can be prepared and used in so many different ways. Furthermore, it is a tasty and healthy treat or snack all on its own.

Surprisingly Healthy

After one bite of the Sweet Palermo, consumers are hooked. The explanation lies in the sciencebased ‘brix values’ (numbers expressing the natural sugar content of a foodstuff). The Sweet Palermo achieves a brix of 9 (the sweetest regular blocky pepper has a maximum brix of 7) but with less than 40KCal per fruit

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