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As a Dutch grower who loves the rich and complex flavour of a tomato, I often feel like I’m spoilt when I come home from the greenhouse with boxes of fresh tomatoes to share with my friends and family. But when there are too many tomatoes to share around, you have to improvise a solution. So I decided to make jars of tomato jam as a way to preserve the freshness of the tomatoes without wasting their goodness. This recipe has become a favourite to make with my kids, as it is easy and fun to prepare. Plus a large pot of simmering tomatoes will leave the most wonderful aroma in the kitchen. 

This delicious tomato jam takes about 15 minutes to put together, but it's best to let the mixture stand overnight to let the flavours infuse and develop. For an extra dose of flavour you may choose to add basil leaves to this dish, however I prefer to keep it simple. This recipe works best as a dip with crackers or spread onto a slice of toast for a tasty treat, but the possibilities are endless. You could even use the jam as a marinade for meat dishes or as a spread that adds flavour to a homemade pizza base.

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• Remove the skins from the tomatoes, halve them and remove the seeds
• Cut the tomatoes into cubes
• Cut the capsicum in half, remove the seeds and finely chop 
• Mix the tomatoes, capsicum and sugar together
• Allow the mixture to stand covered overnight in a cool place
• Spoon the tomato mixture in a large pan, add the cloves and bring it to the boil
• Simmer and stir regularly for 15 minutes
• Remove the cloves from the tomato mixture
• Spoon the warm tomato jam into clean sterilised jars
• Close the jar tightly and let stand for 5 minutes with the lid down

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