• Small cucumbers for the body
  • Red peppers – cut in strips for the tongue
  • Raisins for eyes
  • Cornichons (gherkins) for the tail and legs
  • toothpicks
  • Any assortment of vegetables that would be easy to thread:
  • carrots, radishes, grapes, tomatoes
  • Skewer
  • Twine
  • Needle (a thick plastic embroidery needle will work the best)

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Looking for simple and easy crafts for children to have fun while exploring vegetables? Try these cute and easy-to-make cucumber crocodiles and veggie necklaces!



1. Cut the cucumbers horizontally approximately 2 inches lengthwise for the jaw. You may want to do this for the kids depending on their age.

2. Fold the strips of red pepper in half and insert them in the notch and secure with your toothpick.

3. Make two holes above the jaws to create eyes with the raisins.

4. Use half toothpicks to prick the cornichons under the belly to create legs.

5. Use another toothpick to add the tail with a cornichon as well.

Veggie necklace

1. Use the skewer to make small holes in the middle of the tomatoes, carrots, radishes and grapes to use them as beads.

2. Take a piece of twine (approximately 60 cm) and thread the vegetables and fruit using the needle.

Put all of the ingredients, toothpicks and skewers in separate bowls and set them out on the table. Have the kids wash their hands and let them loose to create their crafts!

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