Snack cucumbers are smaller versions of traditional cucumbers - designed to be the perfect size for snacking not just cucumbers picked young. They are fresh, healthy and delicious, and as their name suggests, they're the perfect on-the-go healthy alternative to be enjoyed at any time of the day, or to share.

They can be eaten whole to snack on during times of hunger, are great for providing a natural energy and hydration boost or prepared in salads or tasting plates to share with family and friends.

You'll often find them packaged in handy 'cups' that make them convenient for travelling and easily accessible. They're size suits adding them to lunch boxes for school or work to easily provide at least one vegetable serve in the day.

How to prepare

The benefit is that there is no need to spend time on preparation apart from just giving a wash over to freshen up.

They can be sliced into rounds to create little biscuits or adding an as alternative to traditional cucumbers in salads, or sliced lengthwise as dipping sticks along with other vegetables on a share plate.

Buyer's and storage guide

More often you'll find them packaged where fruit should look fresh, clean and free of blemishes.

In their packaging, they're best stored in the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator where they should keep for at least a week. Any cut portions should be consumed straight away. No cooling is required when packing whole for lunches, treat just as any other piece of fruit.


  • Enjoy whole as a snack - tasty and refreshing
  • Pack into kids lunch boxes, maybe pack two so they can share one with a friend
  • Slice the fruit lengthwise to prepare as dipping sticks along with carrot, celery and capsicum on a share plate with some homemade hummus
  • Create dinner party finger food with fruit cut in half, topped with some smoked salmon, creme fraiche and dill
  • Try as a rusk alternative for young children who are teething