Love my Salad Kids is a part of Love my Salad. Discover the fantastic world of vegetables, enjoy creating wonderful fresh salads and share them with your family and friends. Why not try to grow your own salad vegetables or play the Love my Salad game and go for a high score!

Share and enjoy. Become a salad fan!

You already know that vegetables are good for you ... but maybe you don't like them very much even though everyone says you have to eat them! Well, here are some ideas to try so you can become a salad fan and start to enjoy eating more vegetables everyday.

samen kokenJoin in the kitchen - Help your parents prepare a salad and decide what will be on the menu for dinner. Bet your vegetables taste better when you help out!

Maak je eten spannendAdd flavour  - You can make your salads more exciting (and tastier!) by perhaps adding pineapple to your dish; or pieces of crispy bacon with your butter beans; or freshly picked herbs from the garden.

Jouw ideeNice name - Have you created your own special salad? Give your recipe its own name just like the famous chefs do!

Groente wokkenWok and enjoy - Many vegetables can be enjoyed raw, but when you stir-fry them quickly in a wok, they will be hot, crunchy and often much nicer! For example: Carrots and cauliflower are great stir-fried and tossed through your salad, or served as a side dish. 

Feestje op je bordA party on your plate - Make a 'drawing' with the vegetables on your plate. Create a broccoli-forest, or a face with cauliflower as the hair! Try a truck made from beans...go on have fun!

SnackgroenteIn-between snacks - Try vegetables as a perfect snack in-between meals or after school. Try pieces of carrot, cherry tomatoes and slices of cucumber or capsicum. Just eat them fresh! Yummm...

groente proevenTry something new - Are you a bit afraid to try something new? Ask your parents to help out so you can try a little bit first or add to a salad that you already like. Be surprised!

Love my Salad has many wonderful salad recipes for you to try! Just search in the recipe overview on 'Kids'.


Grow your own!

It's fun to watch your own vegetables grow and it's easy to grow your own vegetables in a garden at home, with your family, or at school. Follow the steps below and soon you'll be able enjoy "hown-grown" vegetables!

 Step 1: Ask

Moestuin stap 1

Find somewhere for your vegetable plot: you can ask your parents if you can use a part of the garden to grow your vegetables. 


Step 2: Make a plan
Make a plan; choose a sunny spot and decide how big your garden can be. Just a few square metres is enough for a small vegetable patch. You can also create a vegetable garden in pots, containers on a patio, balcony or window sill.

Moestuin stap 2

 Step 3: Prepare

Moestuin stap 3

Rake the garden, remove any dead plants and weeds and loosen the soil well. Add some compost to get a good soil structure. Add enough nutrients to nourish your vegetable plants. If you’re creating a garden in pots, use a mix of pots and crates in all shapes and sizes, and fill them with potting compost. 

 Step 4: Create beds 

Create separate beds for each crop you want to grow. Make rows with small paths between them to walk along. Make sure you can reach the whole bed with your arm without treading on the soil covering the seeds. 

Moestuin stap 4 

  Step 5: Choose vegetables

Moestuin stap 5Choose which crops you want to grow and when they can be sown. You can find that information on page 4-5 of the sowing booklet.

Step 6: sow
Sow your seeds according to the schedule on page 6-7 of the sowing booklet. Sometimes you have to start them off indoors. Use empty yoghurt pots or margarine tubs as containers to raise your plants indoors. If the seeds can be sown directly in the garden, follow the instructions for the correct number of seeds to use.

Moestuin stap 6 

Step 7: Care

Moestuin stap 7Now take good care of your plants. Water them regularly in dry weather, remove weeds weekly and check regularly for insects and snails. Make sure they don’t eat all your vegetables before you get the chance!



Step 8: Support

Some plants, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and beans, grow really tall and need extra some support. You can use garden canes to support them. 

Moestuin stap 8

Step 9: harvest

Moestuin stap 9Now the best job starts and all your hard work will be rewarded: it’s harvest time!

Step 10: feast

Moestuin stap 10

Enjoy your vegetables by preparing a nice salad, cooking or stir-frying them. You can find loads of nice recipes on this website.





In the classroom

Bij de telergroente in de klasKlas luistert

You can also do Love my Salad Kids stuff with your classmates!

1. You class could like us on Love my Salad on Facebook
2. Share a 'salad story' about what your class does with salads and vegetables, for example:

• News about your school garden or window sill project with vegetables;
• What salads you have prepared with the harvest;
• Which vegetables or fruits you have as snacks during the breaks?
• Challenge other schools to start a salad vegetable project!

Enter for a chance to win a Love My Salad prize! 

3. Have a lesson all about salads and vegetables! 

Teachers: You can find information here:
• About all kinds of fruits and vegetables

More kids & vegetables websites:


• Bring a few vegetables to school to show during your lesson and talk about them
• Visit a local grower or greengrocer and learn about all the different vegetables you can buy
• Make a salad to share. Snack on slices of cucumber, small tomatoes and carrots. Enjoy being a salad fan!

Fun and games

Do you have fun pictures of vegetables? Share them on Love my Salad on Facebook


Do you know a good joke with vegetables? Send it to so we can share them too.


What is green and invisible......?

A cucumber around the corner. 



Why did the tomato blush?

tomato blushing

Because it saw the salad dressing...

The Love my Salad Kids bubble game

The game coming soon!!