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Children and Vegetable in the Netherlands

On Wednesday June 6 the third event for 'veggiebende' took place. The children visited vegetable grower, Van Mil in Maasdijk, Westland, who has multiple crops in greenhouse and open field. Over 35 children participated.

The children first arrived in a greenhouse that was producing fresh grapes before experiences a wide range of  different vegetables produced in the greenhouse and the open field. Many questions were asked about how do vegetables grow, feel and taste.

The children also learned about biological pest control and pollination by studying the insects and a bumblebee beehive.

An exciting quiz followed to test out the childrens new knowledge and the winner received a copy of the book "My First Vegetable Garden". The afternoon ended with tasting and smelling herbs and planting lettuce seedlings  to take home.

The children were enthusiastic about the program. "It was a lot of fun and we learned alot"  they all shouted in agreement at the end of the visit.

Veggiebende is a project supported by Rijk Zwaan in the Netherlands for children of employees between 8 and 12. With a website, tips and events we want to interest the children for vegetables and improve their vegetable consumption.

Children and Vegetable in the Netherlands

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