Snack tomatoes are small bite sized tomatoes available loose in punnets or as a truss, sweet and tasty to 'snack' on or add flair to your salad creations.

Their small size allows for quick preparation or to eat on the go as a healthy alternative. They're ideal for kids lunches as a way of increasing daily vegetable requirements.

There are various size options, mostly round, but some are oval in shape often referred to as grape tomatoes and can further be found in other colours such as yellow or orange.

Convenient, fresh and healthy, look out for small punnets or cups and sometimes as medley mixes.

How to prepare

Ideal for snacking on whole or roasted alongside meals, or even skewer with other vegetables as tasty entrees.

Buyer's and storage guide

Look for punnets of fresh unblemished fruit with smooth skin.

Ideally best to keep out of the refrigerator to maintain sweetness and use within 4-5 days.


  • Enjoy whole as snacks at work, for kids lunches or in travel cups while driving
  • Trussed or loose snack tomatoes can be roasted whole to accompany any meal
  • Skewer along with cucumber, bocconcini and a basil leaf
  • Toss a handful of whole tomatoes into your salads
  • Together with julienned snack cucumbers, carrots and celery and a homemade dip in a shared tasting plate