Broccoli is a popular vegetable that is related to the cauliflower. But besides the colour, there are other differences. The broccoli flower buds are eaten while they are still closed, while the flower buds from cauliflower are not yet fully developed when we eat them. Broccoli consists of small green buds with thick stems. The flavour is similar to cauliflower, but finer and spicier. Broccoli contains plenty of vitamin C and minerals.

How to prepare

Wash the broccoli and remove the bottom part of the stem. Cut and separate into florets with as much of the stem as you like. (The stem is also edible and tasty.) Cook broccoli al dente in a little water with salt for three to six minutes.

Preparation time for broccoli

  • Boiled: 3 minutes
  • Sautéed: 5 - 6 minutes
  • Microwave: 4 - 5 minutes
  • Deep fried: approx. 2 minutes
  • Steamed: approx. 6 minutes

Buyer's and storage guide

  • Broccoli should have a solid structure and a strong, green colour. Do not buy broccoli when it is already starting to turn yellow.
  • Store, if possible, in the vegetable crisper of your refridgerator for two to three days.


  • Sautéed with onions and mushrooms
  • In a lasagna or a pasta dish
  • Blanched and combined with a salad with hard-boiled egg and tomato
  • Chopped / blended in a broth for a wonderful soup
  • Served with an abundance of old cheese or Brie cheese
  • In a broccoli and cheese pie