• 2 small carrots grated
  • 1 apple (or pear) sliced
  • 1 large handful of sultanas

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I'd love to share one of my own special recipes, but I'll be honest – I'm useless in the kitchen. The only member of our family that I'm allowed to feed is the dog.
Luckily, my wife Claudia is amazing in the kitchen. She's vegan and is always preparing salads full of interesting combinations. The only thing she lets me do is prepare our Friday night snack platter – a range of celery, carrot and capsicum dipping sticks to go with her home-made dip of the week.

One of my favourites dishes that Claudia makes is this Carrot, Sultana and Apple salad. I've watched her make it and it doesn't seem too tricky.

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Simply grate one or two small carrots (because they are generally sweeter), add a handful of sultanas and toss in some slices of apple or pear (or both) before serving.
The finishing touch is the lovely dressing - just whisk half a teaspoon of honey with a splash of white vinegar and olive oil to taste.

half a teaspoon of honey mixed with a tablespoon each of white vinegar and olive oil.I could eat this every day for lunch with a nice thick slice of wholemeal bread.

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And it's so easy that even a novice like me could probably make it successfully! This salad was made for two people to share!

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