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Houton's Farm Tasmania kicks starts interest in salads

This season the Richmond club of Tasmania, Australia has formed a partnership with Love my Salad and Houston’s Farm - a local producer of ‘ready to eat’ salad leaves.”

Richmond and Eastern Region President, Wayne Johnson said “It’s a fantastic association – health happy kids being supported by a local Richmond company which grows great lettuces. We think this is a great way of encouraging healthy eating among kids from a young age.”

Soccer is huge in Richmond and on the Eastern Shore. With hundreds of kids signed up for this season. Soccer is a great opportunity for kids to have fun, learn about team work and build their confidence and self-esteem. Age groups range from under 6’s to U12’s. All clubs are part of the Eastern Region Junior Soccer Association and affiliated with Football Federation Tasmania.

There are also free training courses for parents who would like the chance to be more involved with their kids and learn more about the game. The season starts on 6 April after the Easter break.” Mr Johnson said.

Farm owner and passionate salad lover, Anthony Houston said - “We’ve been a part of the Richmond landscape for many years and have drawn quite a few employees from the area. We appreciate all the support that the community has shown to us over the years and are very happy to be able to now lend our support to a local club which provides such a healthy sporting activity to the kids in the area.”

Love my Salad will be following the kids soccer season with great interest. If you are interested to support your local sporting team please contact us [email protected]

Houton's Farm Tasmania kicks starts interest in salads

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Houston's Farm Tasmania

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