The sweet pepper has a red, yellow and green variant. It has an extremely sweet flavor. The "common" sweet bell has a brix value (natural sugar content) of 7. The sweet pepper has a brix value of 9- 10.

This sugar content is mentioned in various independent tests. Another important aspect, compared to the sweet bell, is the much thinner skin. This ensures less problems with the digestion of these peppers. They are easier to digest.

How to prepare

Wash peppers well, cut them in the middle and remove the seeds.

Fill the peppers with e.g. minced meat or grill them as a whole on the grill.

Buyer's and storage guide

Peppers should have a strong, smooth and unblemished pale.

Preferably keep sweet peppers in a cool place (12°C) but not in the refrigerator. Peppers need to after-ripen a little. Storing them too cold will impede this process. Well stored, peppers can be kept for a week.


  • These delightfully sweet peppers are particularly suitable as a snack
  • Used on a toast or prepared in a soup