Salanova® refers to a new innovative concept in lettuce, where the head consist of multiple bite sized leaves giving convenience, flavour and freshness to consumers.

This compact multi leaf lettuce has up to four times as many individual leaves as traditional types and from the outer to the inner, leaf size is relatively uniform. The concept has a basic principle of 'one cut, wash and ready', eliminating preparation time and maximising usable leaves.

The smaller leaves growing on a more mature plant tend to be sweeter and tenderer, staying fresher for longer. You may find Living Salanova® products available, grown in hydroponics where the roots are still attached, allowing leaves to be picked as necessary.

The range of lettuce products that exists have various leaf shapes, tastes and textures in both green and red colouring. A visually appealing and tasty alternative to traditional lettuce.

How to prepare

Salanova Butter, Oak and Batavia can be prepared with the special corer or a knife. Just cut around the core of the head and your Salanova is ready to wash and eat. Do you need only half of your Salanova? No problem! Just cut half of the core and keep the other half in a bowl of water and store in the fridge. Your Salanova is still fresh and crunchy the next day. Do you need some extra help with preparing? 

Buyer's and storage guide

Salanova® products may be available in a few ways - as whole heads, already cut and prepared in salad mix bags, and sometimes from hydroponics with the roots still attached. Look for fresh, vibrant coloured leaves without any yellowing. There should be no signs of break down and with prepackaged bags, no odour.

Whole head products stored in the refrigerator crisper will last for up to 5 days. Keep any packaged or cut product in a sealed container in the fridge and use within 3-4 days. Fresh is always best.


Just cut, wash and toss with a light dressing
Enjoy as a basis for any mixed salad with cucumber, radish, tomato or capsicum for example:
Try the leaves stirred through mashed potatoes with shallots, garlic and cream
With crumbled tasty cheese