Iceberg lettuce is a heading form of lettuce that has a multi layered heart surrounded by large wrapper leaves. The heart leaves are crunchy, sweet and juicy which can be enjoyed in many ways.

The naming it an iceberg is rumoured to be from the leaves being as crisp and watery as a frozen iceberg or less romantically that they had traditionally been transported by train, covered in ice.

Originating from California in the United States, and otherwise referred to as a 'crisphead', it has become an iconic form of lettuce and a salad staple all over the world.

How to prepare

Remove the outer wrapper leaves if present (these are great to feed your chickens and for compost). Cut the head in half vertically and removed the core by making a 'V' cut.

The halves can then be prepared in many ways - shredded (thinly sliced) to use on sandwiches, wraps and burgers; roughly cut into larger bites sizes pieces for use in salads; as whole leaves forming a cup in which to fill as you please; and because of it's robust leaf it can also be quickly grilled or stirfried.  

Buyer's and storage guide

Can be available as a loose whole head with wrapper leaves, the head only either bagged or shrink wrapped or often processed already in convenient pillow packs for ready to go creations.

Make sure that the leaves look fresh and green with a clean white stem. Some minor browning may be present, but if minimal, is acceptable.

Wrapped in some plastic, the lettuce can be kept in the refrigerator for about a week, or there are many storage containers designed specifically for iceberg lettuce.


  • The must-have addition to any sandwich, wrap, roll or burger
  • Prepared into a salad with endless possibilities - try mathcing with pears and grapes 
  • Shredded iceberg adds a twist to mashed potatoes with a little cheese as well
  • The base ingredient layered first in tacos or tortillas - the leaf cups can also be a substitute for the taco shell itself
  • For use in the infamous iceberg wedge salad, drizzled with a bleu cheese dressing, topped with some fried crispy shallots