Vegetable Seed Kit

A great way to learn about growing your own vegetables

In collaboration with Rijk Zwaan
Vegetable seed kit

From Seeds to Salads

The 'Love My Salad' seed kit is a great way to learn about growing your own vegetables. Be part of this exciting initiative that could produce a season’s worth of wonderful home grown vegetables to share and enjoy.

Sold as a complete set with an information sheet that helps guide you how and when to plant along with some tricks and tips. The kit includes the following quality seeds*: 50 green and 50 red fancy lettuce; 250 each of baby spinach, rocket and Swiss chard, baby carrot, radish and baby beetroot seed; and 15 each of baby cucumber, mini capsicum and snack tomato, zucchini, rockmelon and watermelon. 

Price: AUD$39.50 includes GST, express post and growing tips and tricks. Despatched within 3-5 business days.

*Seeds are supplied by Rijk Zwaan Australia Pty Ltd one of the world's leading suppliers of vegetable seeds to professional growers and a proud supporter of Love My Salad.

Available only to customers within Australia living in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and NT. Orders for WA & TAS currently cannot be shipped currently due to quarantine restrictions in place.

Salanova red and green lettuce

50 seeds each

Everyone loves fresh lettuce. Your kit contains two Salanova lettuce varieties that will provide you with of fresh green and red lettuce leaves to harvest and enjoy all year round in most areas. These lettuce varieties produce hundreds of baby-sized leaves that separate easily from the base with just one cut. Sow seeds directly spaced at 25 x 25cm. Harvest in 8-12 weeks.


Spinach, rocket and Swiss chard

250 seeds each

In this selection you will discover the joys of growing your own baby spinach, chard (photo) and rocket from scratch. 250 seeds would be enough to directly sow and cover around 1m2 for harvesting as baby leaves however you can sprinkle them along small rows about 12cm apart and let them grow bigger and spread your planting over the season. Experiment with what works for you. Younger leaves are great for salads. More mature leaves are good for cooking such as adding to stews and soups. Tip: The rocket seeds are very small so mix them with some dry sand to help you spread them more evenly.

Baby carrots, beetroot and radish

250 seeds each

Everyone should experience the joy of pulling up home grown produce that is simply ready to wash and eat. Your radishes will be ready in 3 to 4 weeks, while the carrots and beetroots (photo) could take 3 to 4 months depending on the size you want to harvest. Directly sow the radish at around 30 seeds per metre along rows about 12cm apart. The carrots can be sown 75-100 seeds per metre along the rows 25 cms apart (you can thin them out if needed later). Sow the beetroot at 30 x 8cm spacings - higher if you want to harvest them as baby beets. 

Snacking cucumbers, capsicums and tomatoes

15 seeds each

Who doesn't love to snack on home grown veggies. It's best to raise your cucumber (photo), tomato and capsicum seeds as young 'seedlings' in a small pot before planting out. You can buy special seed mix and pots from the garden centre or use left over egg cartons or yoghurt containers (make a small hole to drain the excess water). Fill with some seed raising mix and keep in a warm spot with good light and ventilation while the seeds germinate. Sow 1 or 2 seeds per pot, just a few millimetres deep, cover and keep just moist. Transplant young plants when they are ready, spaced at 25-30 cms apart and organise some stakes or a trellis for them to climb. These crops don't like the cold weather, so its best to plant when the weather starts to get warmer from spring to late summer.

Zucchini, melon and watermelon

15 seeds each

These vine crops are easy to grow and very rewarding. These crops don't like the frost, so if you are in area that get frosts, or is very cold, sow the seeds during spring and summer when the weather starts to get warmer. You can simply make small raised beds or mounds around 40-50 cms in diameter and sow 2-3 seeds at the top of each mound. Zucchini (photo) and rockmelons can be spaced at 30-40 cms apart while the watermelons will need to be 75cms or more apart. The zucchini will be the quickest to harvest at around 6-8 weeks while the melons will take 10-14 weeks.

Bringing salad and vegetable lovers together

Love My Salad is a global movement devoted to sharing knowledge and inspiration about vegetables and salads. We help bring passionate people together to meet and share ideas within the world of vegetables. Our ambition is to increase the consumption of vegetables worldwide so everyone can eat well and feel better.