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Social Salad Workshop, 15 July 'Market Hall' in Rotterdam

On July 15, Love my Salad organised a 'salad jam' event at the Market Hall in Rotterdam. Hosted by chef Eric Miete, already an experienced 'tweetjammer', the #saladjam hashtag was used to generate a live and interactive conversation, seeking salad suggestions from the audience via social media . 

The chefs of the saladjam used their skills and expertise to create exciting salad combinations for the audience, combining unusual ingredients with everyday salad vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage and endive. The day began with a cooking class from Eric Miete, then the #saladjam began, with the audience asking questions, suggesting flavour combinations and sharing their opinions on the salads via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It was an exciting discovery of fresh ingredients and new variations on classic salad recipes. 

To view a gallery of images from the event, click here

What is a Tweetjam?

The term Tweetjam or jam session has become a familiar concept at events and a modern way to engage with an audience via live video (streaming) and interaction through social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Social Salad Workshop, 15 July 'Market Hall' in Rotterdam

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