Scrumptious beetroot...

Soak a slice of white bread in cold water, place over beetroot stain and let it draw out the juice.

This is an old method that truly works on clothing and table cloths! You may need this tip come Easter, once I give you my favourite beetroot recipes perfect to attempt this weekend. And remember, when cooking beetroot keep the outer skin on and don’t cut off the entire stalk if you don’t want to dye the cooking water red.

There is nothing worse than boiling potatoes and beetroots in the same pot, to find the previously white spud flesh turn a rosy pink. However I love the contrast of vibrant white against the deep rich beetroot colours, hence never making a beetroot salad without Persian feta.

So here is my beetroot salad for you to try! After boiling your beetroots, allow them to cool then dice into 2 cm cubes. Add green lentils, broccoli and walnuts and you have a sensational combination – after all, it ‘tis the season for all of those ingredients. Let’s not forget the raspberry dressing: puree raspberries, lemon and one teaspoon of water using a small food processor until smooth. Transfer to a small bowl; add the olive oil red wine vinegar to taste.

So where’s the chocolate I hear you ask? It’s in the extremely moist beetroot and chocolate cake for dessert; a cake that rivals my all-time favourite orange and poppy seed! So this Easter when you are lying on the couch wondering why you ate so much chocolate remember that beetroot is your friend; it’s packed with nutrients and boosts the immune system.

You can also try this roasted beeroot and feta winter salad posted from New Zealand.

What else tastes scrumptious with beetroot? Stay tuned to read next fortnight’s blog. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your favourite Easter recipes using salad ingredients.

Enjoy your salads! Louise.

Join Louise on a journey through the seasons with salad ingredients, old traditions and popular, exotic or unusual vegetables. From Paddock to Plate founder, author, food writer, radio journalist & yoga teacher.

Scrumptious beetroot...

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