Honeydew melons are yet another form of melon, belonging to the cucurbit family that are characterised by their pale green, smooth skin and sugary green flesh. Also referred to as a Branco or Muskmelon, they're often cultivated in warm dry climates and plentiful during late spring and summer.

Maturity and ripeness can be difficult to evaluate, and is often based on the colouration of the ground scar where more of a yellowish tinge appears closer to maturity.

How to prepare

Cut the melon in half, then into slices or wedges and remove the seed cavity. Serve as is, or trim off the skin and cube.

Use a special melon baller to scoop out and enjoy! 

Buyer's and storage guide

A honeydew melon can be difficult to assess ripeness.  Typically there will be a discoloured patch on one side of the fruit, this is acceptable as it is where the fruit has rested on the ground. and tends to develop more of a yellowish tinge when close to maturity.

It is best not to store any whole melon products in the refrigerator as this can effect the ongoing ripening process and taste. Keep out on the bench and use within a week. Any unused cut portions should be wrapped in cling film or stored in air tight containers, and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to one week. It is not avisable to freeze.


  • Serve directly as a freshly cut wedge or add chunks to a fruit salad
  • Enjoy as an appetizer wrapped in prosciutto on a toothpick
  • Blend with oranges and some sugar and serve as a cold soup for dessert, garnish with some mint leaves