• 1 bag (120g) of corn salad
  • 1 apple
  • 1 orange
  • 60 gr. of pecorino cheese
  • 5 walnuts

Dressing ingredients

  • Salt
  • Oregano

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Since I was a little girl, one of my favourite fresh vegetables has been the corn salad, probably for its small leaves, easy to handle. Cooking is not my preferred activity, for this reason it is a wonderful thing for me to open a bag of corn salad, combine it with other tasty ingredients, and enjoy it. I must admit that I always change the ingredients of my dish, seldom preparing the same salad. Some days ago I gave a touch of innovation to my salad, adding some slices of orange and apple and some pecorino cheese. Then I added some pieces of bread fried in oilseed to make this salad a single course.

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Peel the apple and the orange and cut them into slices. Let them marinate for 15 minutes, stiring occassionaly.

Shave the pecorino cheese, shell and grind the walnuts.

Put the corn salad into a bowl and add all the ingredients, even the sauce previously obtained into the pot containing the fruits. Mix all, add salt as needed and oregano.

Tips from the author

You can add extra virgin olive oil.

Cornsalad is also known as Mâche, field lettuce or lambs lettuce is a salad vegetable that resembles spinach with its soft velvety leaves and mild, faintly nutty flavour. It has long, thin leaves that are rounded at the end and usually dark green in colour. Corn salad can be found in the supermarket in bunches, with separated leaves or in salad mixes or bags.


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