Six healthy food choices from a jar or the freezer

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is the healthiest way to consume them right? But did you know in some cases, vegetables actually benefit from operations such as fermentation, heating or freezing? Here’s six products that are healthy when picked from the jar or freezer. 

Frozen vegetables
Spinach, peas and other vegetables that are found in the freezer compartment have been processed as little as possible after harvesting and immediately frozen. At the time of harvest, these vegetables are at their best and full of nutrients. 
For soups and sauces it is not bad at all to use tomato puree from a jar or can. These tomatoes have been heated which has increased the lycopene content (an antioxidant) in the tomatoes. A heated tomato actually contains more lycopene than a fresh one! Make sure you check the packaging to ensure there isn't too much sugar, salt or other additives in the jar or can. 
Sauerkraut is white cabbage that has been fermented. Because of the fermentation process there are more probiotics that help with digestion. Sauerkraut is a good source of fibre and high in Vitamin C.
Kidney beans, white beans, chickpeas or lentils in a can are much easier to prepare than their dried friends. Legumes are full of protein, Vitamin B, fibre, iron and contain little fat.
Frozen fruit
Just like frozen vegetables, frozen fruit is full of healthy nutrients. Frozen fruit is versatile and perfect for smoothies, baking or adding to your morning museli. It's also a great way to avoid food waste. 
Ingevroren fruit
Gherkins have been fermented before jarring which makes them rich in probiotics. They also contain very few calories. Thanks to their long shelf life you can always have a jar of healthy snacks in your fridge!

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