Salading tips on boiling vegetables

Cooking vegetables by boiling them in water, is one of the methods many nutritionists recommend when we want to start dieting as they are cooked without fat or oil unlike frying, grilling or roasting them.

Cooked vegetables are ideal as a meal or to accompany a meat or fish dish, such as green beans cooked with carrots and potatoes. But it is also true that we risk losing many nutritional properties if we do not follow some guidelines or tips that I will share below:

  • Many vegetables contain vitamins that are water soluble: that is they are diluted when they come in contact with water. So if you boil vegetables, the best use of water is to make broth or stock to use in dishes that we can add some noodles such as soup - or the paella, as the rice absorbs all the broth. Also it is best to use the minimum amount of water for cooking.
  • Try and cook vegetables as quickly as possible (for example fifteen minutes for carrots). It is much better if aim for "al dente" - just cooked, still firm but not raw.
  • Vegetables should be as fresh as possible to avoid losing colour, flavour and their health properties.
  • Vegetables will keep cooking after they are boiled, so to stop the cooking process, rinse your cooked vegetables in cold water. They will maintain their colour and the "al dente" objective.
  • Reheating the vegetables once cooked can mean a significant loss of nutrients. If we are to reheat them, it is best to leave them  "al dente" then boil to heat them quickly again just before serving.
  • Every vegetable requires different cooking time. If we are to make a stew, it is advisable to cook each vegetable separately and then put them together .
  • Personally I recommend that you steam vegetables as it reduces the amount of water contact and the nutrient loss is less, but I'll speak about this next month:)

I hope you find these tips useful and please enjoy the wonderful flavours of vegetables.

Salading tips on boiling vegetables

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