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Inspiring week for Chinese vegetables

The Asia Fruit Market Insight in Qingdao took place from 29 till 31 May. The central theme of this event was China’s incredible growth and changeability. Fresh produce professionals from all over China, including Singapore, Malaysia, USA and India, visited this seminar  to hear about the latest developments in local production to meet the changing consumer demands.

This event was combined with the official launch of the Chinese version of Love my Salad.

Love my Salad weibo
After the seminar Love my Salad, supported by vegetable seed company Rijk Zwaan, organised a dinner on the roof top garden of the Intercontinental Hotel, where the event  took place. During this evening, the official launch of the Chinese version of Love my Salad took place, including the Weibo social website  (the Chinese equivalent of Facebook). “This is another step forward to enjoy vegetables together! ”

Doldersum, from the Love my Salad Chinese team: “In China consumers are not used to eat fresh salads. Vegetables are mainly used for stir-fry, hotpot, soups or are cooked. Now with the Chinese version of Love My Salad we can share recipes and eg. explain what kind of dressings to use. It is really an essential tool to educate Chinese consumers to change the eating habit. Fortunately Chinese citizens are very active on social media so we expect our Love My Salad community will grow very quickly. Besides, we received a lot of positive reactions from our customers and partners: “This is exactly what we were waiting for!”.

Inspiring week for Chinese vegetables

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