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Food coach shares 5 healthy eating tips for busy people

Recently I visited Rianne Veldkamp-Topman, a nutrition coach and blogger from Alkmaar, The Netherlands who helps people find a better balance in their busy livesin terms of diet and lifestyle. She hosts workshops called 'Sweets without Junk' and 'No Time for Breakfast'. Very handy if you are one of those busy people. It was an inspiring morning with plenty of tips for healthier eating and I'd like to share some of these suggestions with you.

1. Prepare in advance
During the weekend or the night before a busy day having breakfast or lunch ready is a great start. For example, just make some extra soup or salad to take for lunch the next day, or make a bigger batch of healthy muffins or savory waffles that you just store in the freezer and take them out the night before to enjoy for breakfast.

2. Hidden sugars
In many soft drinks and juices there are a lot of hidden sugars, so you could try a herbal tea with a slice of cucumber or lemon. Healthier and refreshing.

3. Extras
By thinking about your food intake, you make conscious and hopefully better choices. For example simply snacking on some fruits and vegetables may give your body the boost it needs, or will reach for the chocolate or cakes?

4. More vegetables
A great tip that also works well for parties and kids. Place a plate full of colourful veggie snacks like slices of capscium, ​​cucumber and some cherry tomatoes on the table before dinner. It's a great way to fill up on the 'healthy' stuff.

5. Mindful eating
Rianne says it is important not to forget the sweet treats, just be careful not to overdo them. Mindful eating means creating more time to enjoy your meal and that means taking a little longer to chew on each mouthful. Occassionaly put your fork down and have a short rest. Try to use your senses of taste, smell, texture, to really enjoy what you are eating. It takes your stomach about twenty minutes to register what it is eating so you'll have a more satisfied feeling after a "slow" rather than a "fast" meal.

5 healthy eating tips from Rianne, food nutritionalist in The Netherlands

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