Essential salading tips on steaming vegetables

We saw last month that boiling vegetables in water is healthy option, but we also run the risk of losing many nutritional properties. Many water-soluble vitamins in vegetables are lost upon contact with water. When steaming vegetables most of the vitamins and nutrients are retained and no fat is required providing a super healthy dish that is also low in calories.

But on a diet or not, I have to admit that I really like  steamed vegetables drives me personally crazy - especially broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and potatoes, steamed then served with a good olive oil, ground salt and pepper. It is a super rich dinner with fresh whole vegetables that retains the smell, colour and original taste. To cook steamed vegetables is very important to bear in mind a few factors:

  • Cut the vegetables into pieces of similar size
  • The heavier vegetables should be placed at the bottom of the steamer
  • The steamer should not be in contact with the water
  • Add some herbs during the steaming to add aroma and extra flavour
  • The cooking time will range between five and ten minutes. Crisp and al dente is best :)

I hope you regularly enjoy a plate of steamed vegetables, either as a single dish or side dish for dinner. I'm going to eat mine! ;)

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Chef Orielo

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