The Ox-heart tomato has a special heart-shaped appearance and a wonderful taste. It has long been the backyard gardeners choice because of its flavour. 

With this type of tomato the ripening process begins from the inside out so the fruit is already ripe and delicious when the outside still looks a little green. Unlike other tomatoes, the Ox-heart tomato tastes best when it is still slightly green.

It has relatively little juice and moderate acidity. Fruit tend to be around 200g but some varieties can reach over 400g. The Ox-heart tomato is also known as a beef or beefsteak tomato because of it's size and flesh.

How to prepare

Remove any green stem attachments and give the tomato a good wash.

Prepare as desired by slicing, cutting into halves or quarters.

Buyer's and storage guide

The tomato should feel firm and show no sign of bruising or damage. Remember, these tomatoes are best enjoyed when they are still partly green on the outside. You'll find the inside of the tomato is bright red.

Store Ox-heart tomatoes in a cool place in the kitchen and they should last about a week. It's best not to store tomatoes in the fridge as this can halt ripening and affect the taste. If it's necessary to store your tomatoes in the fridge, remove them a couple of hours before serving to bring them back to room temperature - this will ensure you get the best flavour from the tomato. 


  • This large tomato is particularly suitable for filling and for salads. 
  • Cut the tomatoes into slices for use in sandwiches, rolls and wraps. 
  • For an easy tapas plate: slice tomato thickly, lay out on a plate, season with black pepper and anchovies, and drizzle with olive oil.