Frisée lettuce is a variation of endive, also referred to as curly endive. This endive has an open head with curly, strongly shaped leaves. The heart of the lettuce is yellow with the outer leaves green. The outer leaves of a head of Frisée lettuce tend to have a stronger bittnerness than regular endive. The bright internal heart tastes especially good in salads.

How to prepare

Remove the outer leaves and remove the other leaves carefully. Wash the leaves, let them drain and then tear them into bite-sized pieces. If you cut frisée, it will lose its curly shape.

Boiled: approx. 5 minutes
Grilled: approx. 5 minutes

Buyer's and storage guide

Make sure that the leaves look fresh and green without brown spots. The bright heart should be crisp and dry.

Keeping the frisée lettuce in an open plastic bag in the refrigerator will store for two to three days.


  • As a salad with fried bacon with a honey-mustard dressing, or combined with blue cheese, grapes and a vinaigrette as an appertiser
  • Added raw to a stew
  • Blanched then folded into parcels and baked in olive oil
  • Sautéed with garlic and chilli peppers
  • On a crusty bread roll or toast with brie or goats cheese