A Charentais melon is like many other melons, but originated in France from selections with key focus on it's intense aroma and taste. Said to have one of the best tastes and aroma, just as in any fine wine. Typically it is a smaller, smoother skinned pale green melon, often with dark green stripes and a delicate, bright orange flesh.

With such aroma and delicate flesh, it's a very seasonal melon often available through spring and summer but has less storability than other melons.

How to prepare

Cut the melon in half, then into crescent shaped slices and trim out the seed cavity. Serve as is, or trim off the skin and cube.

Use a special melon baller to scoop out delictable spheres with many uses.

Buyer's and storage guide

A ripe Charentais melon should smell sweet and aromatic, not be too firm but have a bit of give when gently pressed.

It should preferably be stored on the kitchen bench and consumed within a day or two of purchase.  It will ripen relatively quickly so to ensure the best eating quality, don't store too long.


  • Charentais pairs well with feta and goat cheeses, almonds and hazelnuts, mint, citrus and cured pork