Apricots are well known as a fresh fruit but also common as a dried or tinned fruit. Just like all of the stone fruit or the "drupe" family, which includes peaches and plums, apricots are a real summer fruit. Apricots have a soft edible skin, soft orange-yellow, aromatic flesh and a "stone" which is easily removable when the fruit is ripe.

How to prepare

The apricot skin is edible - just wash and eat. If you prefer to remove the skin with a sharp knife. Cut the fruit into halves and remove the "stone." Cut again into quarters or smaller pieces ready to enjoy. 

Buyer's and storage guide

  • Apricots should be free of bruises and have a fresh aroma.
  • Apricots can be stored up to three days in a cool place. They can be kept a little longer In the refrigerator, but then they may lose their flavour and aroma.


  • Simmer apricots with chicken
  • Make a puff pastry pie with apricots and raisins
  • They are great in a fruit salad with banana and almonds
  • Cut in half and stuff with cream cheese to serve as appetizers