• 1 orange with good quality per person, 1 ripe pomegranate

Dressing ingredients

  • Sugar, Cinnamon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Orange salad with Sugar and Cinnamon is very typical of some areas from Andalusia, particularly from Jaén area, that stands out by its excellent Olive Oils.

The orange contains a large number of vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for body and, so, it is advisable that it is part of our daily food. Its valuable content has provided itself numerous properties not only at a nutritional level, but also for the prevention of some ailments, since it is a perfect ingredient with blood-cleanser, antioxidant, disinfectant properties and stimulant of the immune system, protector of cells, among many other advantages for health. Undoubtedly, with the orange we are talking about the ideal colleague to be in perfect harmony with a good AOVE (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) of variety PICUAL source of health and with very special organoleptic properties.

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We cut the extremes of the orange anticlockwise “a lo vivo”, cutting all the skin, included the white part.

Once the oranges are peeled, we cut them in slices on the plate in which we are going to serve the salad so the juice is underneath.

We add the white or brown sugar, the cinnamon, we prepare the pomegranate grains (optional) and we wash down the plate with an extra virgin olive oil of premium quality. 

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